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Arms around the pain, toes on the line, head in the game, eyes on the prize…LEAP…NOW!

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July 4th – a hope for America

The idea of America is both celebrated and unfortunately cursed the world over. It’s a beacon of hope and true liberty and at the same time viewed as a perplexing child without discipline or resolve. Let us strive to live up to the IDEA of America. Freedom in our choices and pressured by none of our neighbors, our government nor our corporations. Liberty in our judicious use of resources. Pursuit of pleasure while exercising stewardship of the bounty within our grasp. Protection of our loved ones while infringing upon no one else’s liberties. Respect for both the rule of law and the idea of ideas.
Let us resolve to celebrate this wonderful experiment by endeavoring to honor her. The bold experiment. The grand ideal. The IDEA that IS America!
Let us resolve to be truly grateful… For the daily sacrifices of our servicemen and servicewomen. For the discipline of our ancestors. Let us resolve to improve the legacy we borrow from our children.
Let us no longer strive to DO America.
Let us strive to BE America!

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As soon as you finish reading this…

walk straight to the nearest mirror, look straight into your eyes and remind yourself that you’re okay!

With all of our faults, considering all of our mistakes, taking into account all of the downright shitty things we’ve done in our lives… today, this moment, the very next moment, tomorrow…are all clean slates and right here and right now we can choose to do it right!

Sometimes we need a friend to remind us that we’re decent folk – despite what we may think, despite what someone may have said to  you, despite your last performance evaluation.  Sometimes it’s hard to remind ourselves and that’s why a good friend who’ll help you stand back up, dust ourselves off and get on with it is worth their weight – quite literally – in Gold!

If there’s no friend around right now, remind yourself.  Take stock in your mistakes and wrongs, recommit to a path that avoids them in the future and forge ahead.  Take the first step right now.  Tell yourself…

I’m okay.  I may even be better than okay.  Today I have a chance to be my best self and I fully intend to seize that chance.  When I drop the ball, I will pick it up again without beating myself up too much.  When I really screw up I will learn from it.  When I hurt people, I will make it right.  And when I win, I will celebrate!  Right here, right now…I’m okay!

How does that feel?

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Take a moment…

Take a moment to ponder the many folks who look to you for guidance, support, friendship and love.

Appreciate for a moment all that you do to nourish the souls of others and give yourself a pat on the back.  During this reflection you may recognize some shortcomings.  Accept them.  Forgive yourself and move on.  Resolve to work harder, smarter, and with more diligence and consideration than before.  Resolve to forge ahead into the remainder of the day, into tomorrow and beyond with a renewed sense of right, a renewed sense of your true voice and a commitment to make it heard.

We all need to evaluate who we are and whether we are living up to our highest potential.  It’s a simple matter at first of recognizing that, on the one hand, there’s just no way we can realize potential of that magnitude.  On the other, recognizing that living with vigor, passion and purpose requires of us – as Abraham Lincoln challenged us – “the last full measure of our devotion”.

For what calling, what purpose, what aching desire would you give that last full measure?

If you can’t answer that question within 30 seconds of reading this, you’ve got some thinking to do.  Or not.

As usual… your call.

Sunlight…it’s good for your body!
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Get moving!

Boy I tell you, I can really feel it when I don’t run, jump or move!  I’ve been at my desk quite a bit for the past few weeks getting my iCanSir! experience ready for the groups I’ll work with at Stowe Weekend of Hope.

As you know, it’s one of my favorite weekends of the year because the people who swarm to Stowe are amazing.  Survivors and caregivers, etc. just pumped to be alive and searching for Hope and Connection (which happen to be my specialties!).

So, I’ve been at my desk for weeks.  Which means I haven’t been running because when my back hurts (from sitting too long) I don’t run and when I don’t run I get grumpy, and when I get grumpy I don’t run and when I don’t run…

NOW, I know why…

All I can say is, God Bless Neuro-Biologists and Doctors and Researchers and those folks with attention spans.  I am so grateful to them.

Keep moving folks.  This is our shot at reality.  We get one chance (in this body, anyway).  Make the most of it.  Get out RIGHT NOW – even if it’s to walk around the building.  It will take FIVE minutes.

Stay in touch!


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And don’t forget your free e-book

For a free copy of Jumper Cables in a Pinch, please visit

Enjoy this as a token of my profound gratitude and accept my wishes for a great new year!

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Fear – learn to deflect the kick!

Fear is ready at a moment’s notice to kick you right where you live!

Fear is there, however, to remind you that you’re about to do something outside your comfort zone.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the wrong thing to do. In fact, often times it means the opposite.  Often times that twinge of fear is there to tell you to go ahead and do it.  Constantly meeting and exceeding those boundaries of comfort helps us to grow and strengthen for the next inevitable challenge.

As one statesman was quoted saying “we must be doing something right… they’re still shooting at us!”

If it hurts a little – as any athlete will tell you – you’re probably on the right path.  When it starts hurting more, take a closer look and evaluate the situation.  When it’s done with, again as most athletes will tell you, the pain is quickly replaced by the sheer ecstasy of completing the challenge.  Athletes have sore muscles.  Great Chefs have tough fingertips.  Great authors have a LOT of bad writing under their desks.  All good things come from someone plowing through fear and failure and a little bit of pain.

So the next time fear rears its head, grab it, subdue it, recognize it for what it is and go ahead and follow your bliss anyway!

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Okay, time to get down to brass tacks!

So, if you’ve been following, you know I went through a serious rehab this past summer.  By that I mean serious emotional rehab whereby I underwent a soup to nuts overhaul of my ego and the way I try to view the world, love, time and my place in it all.

With the help of a lot of healers, understanding people, great friends, gallons of decaffeinated coffee, and the wonderful staff at Professor Java’s Coffee Sanctuary I broke through a lifetime of barriers preventing me from loving myself in an authentic way.  I was able to embrace, tackle and discard a slew of invalid assumptions about love and my approach to it and cast off old patterns that flattened my affect and prevented me from trusting myself and others.

Then, the topping on the cake was my trip (aka pilgrimage) to the sacred vortex sights in Sedona, Arizona.  Two days hiking alone in the desert completed the process (or at least completed the beginning of the process).  What I’d like to do is share with you some of the information that was exposed to me through this process.  I’d like to share – over the next few weeks – some of my experience with this information in hopes of accomplishing a few things.  1) I’d hope to validate some of what I was exposed to by hearing what you feel after reading about it.  2) I’d hope to get a feel for how practical this information might be to others in different situations than the ones I find myself in.  and 3) I’d hope to provide valuable insight and maybe some “new” tools for us all to use in all sorts of different situations.

Would you all be interested in that?  Would that be valuable?

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