Posted by: GPK | 20.August.2009

5 Ways to Take 100% Responsibility

I’ve read “resentment is like poison you take yourself & then wait for someone else to get sick.” We must get ourselves to a place where we are powerful enough to accept 100% responsibility for exactly where we are mentally, emotionally, spiritually, financially, & physically. It’s freakin’ hard to do! If it was easy, everyone would do it! And YOU KNOW not everyone does it. How much better would it be if we all did?

To most people, 100% responsibility just means that they get the general idea that what happens to them is their problem.  It’s that, I guess, but it’s really much more.  Responsibility goes way beyond that, though.  Here are 5 big ideas that need to be included when trying to get your arms around personal responsibility.

1) What we say has consequenses for people we care about.  When words are sharp and barbed, they stick and stay there for a while.  This is especially true when written.  This is why anything less than a very carefully crafted email – for instance – sucks for anything but business and sex.  In business emails these days pretty much anything goes as long as it’s not crass or misspelled.  With sex stuff almost certainly anything goes.  The stuff in between requires too much subtlety not to be carefully considered.  The bottom line…when you really care about the impression you’re making, word it as though it will be read in 100 years.  It might be.

2) What we DO is even more important than what we say.  Choose your words carefully.  Choose your actions even more so.  Follow up with genuine action that is consistent with your intentions.  Actions do speak louder than words.

3) Whether we do the thing right is not nearly as important as that we do the right thing.  Ultimately your intentions will be judged with more accuracy than your words. People forget what you told them before they forget what you tried to do for, with or to them.

4) When negativity comes our way, we really, really, really can choose to deal with it productively. For instance, we can choose to – as quickly as possible – get past the hurt and find the lesson. Integrate it and move on. OR even better, in the first instance not assume the worst and let it marinate for a few minutes, hours, months before coming to any conclusion on it.  Thomas Jefferson is quoted as having said, “When I’m mad I count to ten. When I’m furious I count to 100.”

5) Life is hard but wow what a ride! Expectations of “the easy life” are just plain unrealistic.  If you’d like to spend your life frustrated and disappointed, dream of an easy life with no work, toil or drama. If you’d like to, however, invest your life sucking the marrow out of this human experience of becoming, then grab hold with both hands, yodel at the top of your lungs and plan on skidding headlong into a grave with dirt under your fingernails, sweat on your brow and a shit-eating grin across your face!

Peace and gratitude,



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