Posted by: GPK | 21.August.2009

Your Friday GPK Challenge 21.08.09

Here’s your Friday GPK Challenge

Sometimes pursuing your true desires is waaaaay outside of your comfort zone. If you can’t say it out loud to the people you trust the most, you’ll be less likely to pursue it in front of them where they’ll see the actions you take to get what you want. You’ll be too afraid of their judgment.

It’s one our biggest fears to be abandoned by our loved
ones out of dissappointment or judgment of some kind. Along with death and poverty, our deep seated fear of the loss of love, respect and admiration are what I call “the 3 dragons”!

The best way to master the dragons is to take action to tame them.  Not so much tame them really as domesticate them. Get them off your back and onto your shoulder where they can counsel you and give you strength.

Today, tell the folks you care about (and who care about you) about a dream that you haven’t mentioned before!  Tell them the details of what you want to accomplish and why you want it.  Tell them what you intend to do and how you intend to do it and who you want to be involved with it.  If you’d like them to hold you accountable to it, tell them that too.  If you’d like and/or expect their help, be honest about that too.

Accountability is a magical thing.  This is why coaching is so effective.  Often the addition of an encouraging, non-judgmental voice at the right time makes all the difference!  And remember to add that while honest, well intended advice will be welcomed, when you need it you’ll ask for it.  Beg them to keep their pot shots and suggestions about fantasy to themselves.  Ask them to support you and encourage you without any doubt. Ask them to treat you as though you’d already accomplished it so that you can see what that feels like.

Imagine how far you could go with all of that creative energy flowing in your direction!? It can be yours.  It’s within reach but it’s just outside your comfort zone.  Right there by the edge.  Can you see it?  Right there.  Just over the line.  Reach for it…that’s it…

Peace and gratitude,



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