Posted by: GPK | 24.August.2009

Value your time. It’s your most precious asset!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Act as though you value your time!  Better yet, truly value your time!  So often we settle for less than we’re worth.  Each moment we spend ought to be an investment rather than an expense.  An investment in our legacy.  If we look back on an afternoon and think “boy that’s four hours I’ll never get back…” and feel as though we’ve wasted it, then we deplete our emotional and intellectual bank account.  When we look back on that time and think “so glad I tried that!…” then we’ve made a deposit into that account.

This applies to experiences, our jobs, our relationships and even our health.  Have you ever watched people who you just know strive for more and more each day and seem to always get it?  I used to envy these people.   I wondered how they managed to constantly grow those bank accounts.  Their assets in the experience department just seem to keep growing.  Experiences, wealth, health.  These are the folks who make consistently good decisions, take care of their body, work hard, have nice family lives.  They seem to have it all.  Maybe they do, maybe they don’t.

I’m just observing that at the core of it all, they seem to have one thing in common.  They have a deep sense of the value of their time.  They invest it wisely whether it’s the people they hang out with or the things they do or the way they work.

If we’re paid – for instance – less than we’d like, we must take responsibility for it and understand that we simply haven’t sold the value we’re capable of creating.  It may be because our current results don’t reflect that value, it may be because the client hasn’t been shown how to appreciate the value, it may be because the value isn’t there.  It may be a little of all three.  Investigate to discover what the reasons are.  Then create a  plan to increase both the value and the perception of value.  Then execute that plan!  Put your creative faculties to work to increase your value.  Then put your back into it and create the value!

Remember Teddy Roosevelt!  He observed that the race doesn’t always go to the fastest.  It goes to those who consistently show up and put their backs into it.  It’s hard, to be sure.  But the more often we do it that way, the more often we throw our whole bodies into it, the more often we lay it on the line, the more likely we are to discover that one thing that seems to just click.  We’re more likely to nail that one effort that when we exert ourselves in it seems to yield disproportionate results.  Whether it’s that one time we invest with our kids rather than pick up the phone, the one time we pick up the phone and call that prospect rather than check email for the fourth time today.  That one time we forego that scone with our latte in order to put a few less carbs into our body.  That one time we run that extra mile a little faster and feel the runner’s high everybody talks about!

Eleanor Roosevelt (Franklin’s wife) is quoted as having said “The past is past. The future is a mystery. Today is a gift.”  And I don’t know if this part is hers or not but I’ve also read… ”Maybe that’s why it’s called the present!”  Value it!  Today, value your time!  Make the most of it!

And as usual, please let me know how it goes…

Peace and gratitude,



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