Posted by: GPK | 28.August.2009

Your GPK Friday Challenge…

The 3 Dragons…the Fear of Death, the Fear of Loss of Love, Respect & Admiration, the Fear of Poverty – these are the 3 bad boys of the psyche!  They will run and ruin our lives if we let them.  They can also, however, inspire, motivate and drive us to great things.

Throughout our lives, if we’re fortunate and mindful, we become aware of these fears and their effect on our thoughts, feelings and actions.  We eventually become masters of them.  Partners with them.  We gradually develop the ability to feel the fear and do the thing we fear anyway.  Some of the big ones linger.  They take time to recognize.

As a survivor, my Dragons remind me what I’ve been through.  As a visual thinker, I have a tattoo of my Dragon, which reminds me that my Dragons serve as my mentors now.  Partners in my journey.  Where before they were on my back, they now reside primarily on my shoulder.  Sure, every once in a while they stick their claws into me and the twinge knocks me off my game.  Is anyone, after all, truly fear-less in every situation?

Mark Twain said, “Courage is not the absence of fear.  Courage is action in the presence of fear.”

Here’s your Friday GPK Challenge…

Step 1. What fear still grips you more often than you’d care to admit?  What Dragons still snap at your back?  What fear or fears come to mind?  Write that onto a piece of paper.

Step 2. Now, what big 3 Dragon does that fear or do those fears fall under do you think?  Fears of ill health, for instance, can usually be traced up to the fear of death or non-existence.  Career related stuff usually relates to poverty or loss of admiration.  Amd so on.  There aren’t really any wrong answers.  Identify what big 3 Dragon your fears relate to.

Step 3. Decide what feelings need to exist in order for you to feel as though your fear has become an ally rather than an enemy?  If you fear the loss of your job, or your home, do you need to feel resourceful, secure, wealthy, or even aloof, irresponsible, or ambivalent, in order to not feel that fear?  If you’re facing health challenges and/or you fear a recurrence (a very common idea among survivors), would that fear subside if you felt stronger, more resourceful, more in tune with your body?

Step 4. Next, decide what actions you can take to create the feelings you identified in step 3.  If you’re short on cash, do you need to take a second or third job in order to feel more in control of your finances?  Do you need to simplify your life a bit and pare down expenses?  Do you need find the cash to take a vacation so you don’t make yourself so crazy about it?  Do you need to hire a coach to help you sort through this stuff because you really do have enough resources but for some reason you feel insecure?  O.K. that was a little shameless plug but you get where I’m heading.  (You’d be surprised at how common a theme that last one is among my clients.)  Do you need to tell your loved ones how important they are to you?  Do you need to begin an exercise program?  Do you need to stop smoking?  Do you need to meditate and find peace about your legacy?

Step 5.  Finally, plan the action(s) and do it!  We don’t tame our Dragons ever really.  We domesticate them, perhaps, but we don’t really tame them.  We learn to dance with them.  We get them off our backs but we don’t get rid of them.  We don’t really want to.  When it’s not a crippling disability, fear is a powerful motivator.

Ultimately, all fears are relative to our physical experience.  The good news is, that on the spiritual plane, where our souls reside, there is no fear, only love, inspiration and abundance!

Find your fears, identify them, and give them a face and a voice.  Then begin to teach them your dance.  Dancing with your Dragons is whole lot easier and more effective in the long run (and less exhausting) then wrestling with them!

Please share your thoughts with me and our community here.  Comment on this Friday’s challenge and share with us some of your Dragons and how you deal with them.

Peace and Gratitude,



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