Posted by: GPK | 1.September.2009

Spiritual beings on a physical journey

You just never know what awaits you around the corner.  It could be a new relationship, an old friend, a joy, a tragedy, a new challenge or a new opportunity.

As a cancer survivor, the haunting idea of a recurrence or a secondary diagnosis lurks within every shadow.  In my programs people wonder aloud whether that mindfulness ever goes away.  On the one hand, I want always to be mindful of the gift I’ve been given to have another go at it with higher awareness and appreciation for the opportunity.  On the other hand, do I really need to be reminded of my mortality on a constant basis?  😉

Do we need the idea of mortality in order to make the most of each day?  I certainly don’t want my life to be a series of death defying adventures.  While I am a bit of an adrenaline junkie, I also crave those peaceful moments of reflection, deep connection and meditative periods of creating legacy.

Make today about striking a balance among being mindful of the finite nature of the conscious human experience and being grateful for the visceral experience of it.  We are spiritual beings enjoying a physical journey.  The physical experience is finite.  The spiritual is infinite.  The physical dies.  The spirit – being energy – merely transforms in an endless succession of experiences, matter and ideas.  Striking harmony among those ideas is a pretty big undertaking.  In my experience and observation, however, it is one well worth pondering!

Let me know how it goes…

Peace and Gratitude,



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