Posted by: GPK | 2.September.2009

Panic?…It’s Overrated!

I woke up this morning reflecting on the idea that I had at least three opportunities to “panic” yesterday.  By panic, I mean sort of freak out over a situation I had to deal with.  Now, like all of us, I often go ahead and let myself freak out.  I get irritable (yes, even GPK the perpetual optimist, gets irritable, just ask my kids or girlfriend).  I get down.  I get angry.  Just like you.  What I’ve become really good at, however, is getting back to resourceful mode pretty quickly.

While I don’t take credit for being a cancer survivor, I am certain that my desire and effort to get resourceful relatively quickly, absolutely, positively had something to do with the speed with which I recovered from Leukemia.  My doctors have said it.  My friends and family have said it.  And I believe it.  Anyhow, I think it’s fair to say that we all agree on the idea that being able to shift from freak out mode to super hero mode (or at least mildly resourceful mode) is a good thing!

So, the fastest way to get there?  One simple, deep, cleansing breath.  It’s nothing short of amazing how quickly a deep breath can help you get back into a positive, resourceful, hopeful state of mind and body.  If one breath doesn’t do it, try another.  I’ve taught entire sessions on how to take a breath.  It’s that valuable.

So try these three quick steps to get  from Freak Out to Super Hero ASAFHP (as fast as freaking humanly possible)…

1)    Take a deep breath.  Draw your breath deep, deep into your belly.  Try to imagine drawing air all the way down into your very center, as if the air was going down into your pelvis.  Feel your belly so as it expands you know your breath is getting down there.  Scientists who study this stuff tell us that with a real deep breath your body actually releases the same chemicals it does while having an orgasm!  How cool is that?

2)    Take another if you have to!  It’s not a race.  Sometimes you just need a few extra seconds to calm your body down to switch from pumping Epinephrine (Adrenaline) – the “fight or flight” chemical – to Nor-Epinephrine and other pleasure chemicals.  Now I’m not saying that these pleasure chemicals are the answer to everything.  I mean exactly how good are we at solving math or doing our taxes immediately following an orgasm, for instance.  I am certain, however, that we’re in a lot better mood afterwards and probably a whole lot nicer to the folks around us.

3)    Take a realistic look.  Really assess your situation.  See the bad, see the good.  In my experience, no matter how bad things have become (near death, near despondency, near bankruptcy) the good column always outpaced the bad column.  It helps you not only stay positive and resourceful but it also helps you assess exactly what assets you have to work with to deal with the situation at hand.

If you need a little guidance, my book Jumper Cables in a Pinch is pretty cool and folks at my seminars have said it’s very helpful as a quick stress buster.  You can buy the printed version, of course, at,  or you can log in here, leave a comment on the blog and I’ll send you a free E-book version of it.

Superheroes are just regular folks who invested the time, money and aggravation to get the cape!  They stopped to help when they didn’t have to.  They put themselves in harm’s way when they had nothing to gain.  They reach for something a little higher when no one else believed it’s possible.  Just regular folks with a slightly bigger sense of what’s important.  It’s in us all.  You just gotta reach for it.  1, 2, 3.  Is that a cape I see on you?

Try it out and leave a comment on the blog!  I’ll be here.  Let me know how it goes.

Peace and Gratitude,



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