Posted by: GPK | 3.September.2009

The Human Drama Unfolds!

What a week it’s been?!

I’ve been reminded of the connected nature of our human experience all week long.  Beginning with a dear friend and business partner having a stroke, throwing some car troubles in there and the financial issues that relate to that, then the emotional ups and downs as I help my son move into his apartment in Boston, and late last night sharing some supportive words with a survivor who tragically lost a grandchild in a car accident.  In the past three days, I think I’ve felt the entire gamut of human emotions.  From deep concern and stress as I help my friend deal with a very frightening medical crisis, to instant juggling of a hundred tasks while arranging for alternate transportation, to sadness and pride and laughter in witnessing a boy become a young man and finally to the pain of loss and grief.

I realized this morning that this week has been such an incredible microcosm of the human experience. The emotions that we feel as our personal experience unfolds in our very own screenplay make up the human drama.  The story that becomes our life’s story is filled with an endless stream of responses and decisions and feelings.  I know that many of the thousands of people I have the great pleasure of working with each year share similar observations.  I’ve noticed that some folks enjoy the ups and downs and appreciate that the good wouldn’t be quite as good without the bad thrown in there.  Others are frustrated by the existence of the challenges and adversity.  Others seem to draw the negativity toward them with such consistency you’d swear they enjoyed it.

While I don’t have the answers, the question certainly intrigues me.  I see pieces of all three of these types of people in me at different times.  Do you?  The “trichotomy” fascinates me.  What do you think?  Do you see more of one type of consistent response in your own “screenplay”?  Can you embrace the different aspects of the range of human responses or does it frustrate you to swing in so many different directions?  Or do you see your story as more uniformly one way or another?

This one really intrigues me so please think about this, comment and let me know how it goes…

Peace and Gratitude,



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