Posted by: GPK | 8.September.2009

Where is certainty bred? In the heart or in the head?

I just returned from bringing my son to Boston for school.  It made me think of all the things I am doing and seeing in my life that – at one point – I thought I might never see.  Four and half years ago, when I lay in bed with my chemo and my transfusions, there were moments when reaching the end of the week seemed like a noble goal!  Through the clouds of uncertainty, however, I felt a sense of hope.  I felt as though I knew I’d make it, no matter what.

I would like to know where that sense of certainty came from.  Understanding that certainty would really help in so many other areas of my life.  I get glimpses of that certainty and wisdom and I write and speak about those.  Every so often, I get a peak into the timeless wisdom that is our collective unconscious. Some authors have referred to this energy as the “supermind”.  Some have called it God.  When I get that feeling, that sense of deep knowing, I feel the most incredible calm and certainty.

When I hit a spot in my life where confusion and uncertainty reign, I yearn for those moments of wisdom.  I can often manifest a glimpse into that power by meditation.  It requires great discipline and effort for me to focus my mind to the extent necessary to view the infinite.  It is, however, so very worth the effort.

Today, I am going to take twenty minutes right now to do that.  Eyes closed, a little meditation music, and some deep, deep breaths.  Breathe in through the nose.  Out through the lips.  One.  Two.  Three…

Today I need to do this!  Give it a try.  Try stringing 10 of those deep, belly breaths together.  Think of nothing in particular and just see what comes to mind.  Listen for it.  Listen for the rattle and hum of the universe.  Maybe a twinge will disappear.  Maybe an answer or an inspiration will come to you.  Breathe.  Breathe.  Breathe.

As usual, please let me know how it goes.

Peace and gratitude,



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