Posted by: GPK | 10.September.2009

A kind word…worth the effort!

The more people I work with in my coaching practice – be they CEOs or mail room clerks or home-makers – the more I realize that you don’t have to be a cancer survivor to need, desire, and appreciate a kind word of encouragement!  It seems that no matter where we are in life, no matter what our health condition, no matter how much money we make, a genuine, well-deserved compliment can still strengthen us.

As my daughter left for school today we said our usual morning good-bye.  As she walked down the driveway toward the bus stop, I opened up the front door again to tell her one more time…”Tessa…You’re great!”  She smiled and said “Thanks” and off she went.  Now, did I make her day?  Maybe not.  Did it give her a little boost at the beginning of a day that usually ends up being stressful due to it being the first month of school?  I think so.  The worst-case scenario is simply that I told her how much I admire her.  How can that hurt?  I just don’t think it can.

I’m not telling you this because it’s nomination time for Father of the Year. I’m telling you this because it makes me think, “How many times do we have a chance to offer a kind word of encouragement and pass it up?”  We may let the moment go by because we don’t want to be corny, or we don’t want to appear as though we’re overly affectionate, or we don’t want to be seen as soft.  These are all just lame excuses for locking up postivity and making connection.

I’m not being sentimental.  It simply feels better to know that we’ve made a positive connection into someone’s day (week, month, year…).  We may not acknowledge or even notice that it feels better but it does.  The more you do it the more you feel it.

So, see how many opportunities you have to offer a kind word of encouragement today.  Seize the opportunity or don’t.  That – as always – tzuppa to you!

Engage.  Think.  Share!  Let me know how it goes.

Peace and gratitude,



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