Posted by: GPK | 11.September.2009

Spend or Invest? What do you do with your Energy?

Your Friday GPK Challenge

Today – a day of deep remembrance – is a day where understanding our truest self (what we believe, what we stand for, what we love) is of great importance.  While I was in the hospital 4 and a half years ago, there was a lot of time that I was alone, disconnected, isolated.  At first I was terribly afraid because what was unknown appeared to me to far outweigh what was known about my condition.

I thought a lot about how much energy we put into figuring out ways to set us apart.  It was far more energy, I thought, than what we put into discovering what connects us.  I talk quite a bit about this disproportionate allocation of energy and emotion in the first chapter of my book.  It really struck me what a shame it is.  It seems when we focus on what connects us (love, vitality, passion), rather than what separates us (superstitions, fashion, size of paycheck), we’re all so much better off.

Today’s Friday GPK Challenge is simple and it is thus…

Ask yourself the following question…

Out of all of my emotional energy, how much of it do I spend on separating myself from others (figuring out ways in which we are different, devising methods to disconnect, etc.) and how much do I invest on connecting with those about which I truly, deeply care?

Think about that one today.  I’ll ask you to please engage, think, and share this with your friends and with me.

Share with me please (by simply clicking the comment link below) your thoughts on the interactions among us.  The more folks who comment, the more relevance the blog gets on the search engines and the more folks I’ll be able to share this with.  Please help us change the vocabulary and spirit of survivorship for folks gripped with fear and isolation in life.

With hope for peace and the spirit of deep gratitude,



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