Posted by: GPK | 15.September.2009

You play the cards you’re dealt!

You deal with the cards you’re dealt.  If you’ve played cards, you know that sometimes you get dealt stinky cards.  Sometimes you’re dealt a great hand.  How well you do in the game depends largely upon how you play your hand.  It’s ironic that in cards when you have a bad hand, you can’t really whine about it or else you do yourself in.  Oddly, the same is true with a good hand.  You have to keep that to yourself too.


Engage.  Think.  Share!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. I liked this line,”It’s ironic that in cards when you have a bad hand, you can’t really whine about it or else you do yourself in.” Great observation.

    • Thanks Meg. Yes, that struck me. When we are bumming about something – relationships, work, health – we are putting it out there all the time. “oh my aching back”, “i can’t believe my boss is such a nightmare”, “my partner makes me crazy”, etc. How much good does all that griping do us? Some say it’s natural to vent it, and that’s probably true to a certain extent. The science on the subject goes both ways. I just figure that after a certain point, you just gotta say “NEXT!” and move onto something constructive for yourself.

  2. I don’t get why you would have to keep the good hand to yourself in your life. Shouldn’t we share that? I am missing the metaphor here. If you share the bad, you get more bad. Share the good and you will have MORE good. Don’t you think?

    • That’s a really good point, Anna. I guess I could have thought the poker metaphor through a little bit more. 😉 The main point was that focusing on the negative doesn’t do you any good. In poker, tipping your hand destroys your chances of playing well. Life is different though. Life isn’t necessarily as competitive as poker is. Also, as you wisely point out, in life we OUGHT to share the positive. In poker, tipping our hand and showing our good cards, helps the competition. If life, it endears us to good people. So thanks you to I’ll revise the message. In poker, keep your cards to yourself. If life, do what you need to do with the negative stuff to deal with it and move on and share the positive stuff as much as you can! Excellent Anna! Thank you!

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