Posted by: GPK | 17.September.2009

Life is like a window-sill…

Life may be like a window-sill. If we set up flower boxes and potted plants and little creatures like gargoyles and elves (elves?…really?), there’ll be less place for the birds to poop!

Now that you know WHO you are, what are you going to stand for?

What PURPOSE will you commit yourself to? If you don’t live your life with a clear purpose – with passion, with clarity – you create a lot of opportunity for stuff that isn’t right for you to creep into your life. Nature abhors a vacuum.

Committing your time, energy and love to something, someone, some cause greater than yourself (including yourself) is essential to avoiding all the negative “stuff” that will naturally and effortlessly bring you down. By getting excited about taking care of the good stuff, we naturally and effortlessly cause that negative stuff to go away by giving it no place to perch. The best thing you can do is to center yourself. Discover who you are. I’ve been calling myself an emotional archaeologist ™ for years and I help people do this every day. But I neglected it for too long in my own life. I’ve done a great deal of it over the past 20 years but in these past few weeks especially. I’ve discovered that love is far more important to me that my actions were evidencing. Thanks to the help of my dear friends holding up a great big mirror (that’s a metaphor) I discovered that what I value and what I was pursuing were two different things.

That discovery helped me to make the decision to change that. Now I chase what I truly value! Today (and everyday) I re-commit to working towards that which I TRULY desire; that which I TRULY want to make manifest in my life. Love, Family, Friends, Honesty, Faith. These are what I cherish. These are the ideas that I am passionate about.

Take a look. What do you value? What do you pursue? If they are not the same, you may need to change what you invest your time, money, and love in.


Engage. Think. Share!

Peace and gratitude,



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