Posted by: GPK | 22.September.2009

A friend in deed…

Can you count how may friends you have?  Real friends who would do just about anything for you?

Before my illness I used to tell my kids that if they grew old and could count on one hand a few really good friends, they’d be very fortunate indeed.  I feel that I’ve been blessed with more friends than I could count on one hand.  At my life’s most challenging points I can recall being grateful for such abundance in my life.  Even when things for me have been their most grim, I’ve been mindful of wild abundance.  I’ll tell you, it’s a great feeling to know that when the chips are down, you’ve got support that will be there rain or shine.

I recall the story of my friend Stephen when I was first diagnosed.  Stephen and his family live down in Atlanta.  Distance, however, didn’t dilute his commitment to me.  When I told him on the phone that I had leukemia, he didn’t miss a beat.  He said “George, if it turns out you need a bone marrow transplant…My wife will be on the first plane to Albany!”

I laughed until I cried.  As it turned out I was able to dodge a transplant and Stephen’s wife was too!  😉

My point is, I guess, that good friends are hard to come by, perhaps.  But they are easier to come by if you are a good friend to them.  Who among the people you invest your time with would you consider good friends?  Among those folks you are with most of the time, how many of them would you consider yourself a good friend to?


Engage.  Think.  Share!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. George,

    You’re a very deep sole. I’ve read a lot of your comments and your dealing with your health. It truly is remarkable about true friends. I believe most of us can count them on one hand, and for that, I am completely grateful. When you can call that person in the middle of the night, when you finish sentences for each other, the good, the bad, the preserverance through all that we encounter, it truly is a Godsend to know when we’re in need, that the are true friends indeed. Going through all the health issues with my brothers and now finding my oldest has stage four liver/intestinal/colon cancer and after suffering a serious brain injury myself, it certainly puts life in perspective. God Bless George, may all good things come your way!

    • Thank you Barb. I appreciate your nice wishes and wish the same for you. May your family know peace and hope and connection with each other and the healing power of the universe!

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