Posted by: GPK | 23.September.2009

We reach for the stars!

I’m a bit of a West Wing fanatic.  It’s not like I camp out in front of Martin Sheen’s house whenever I’m in Malibu or anything, I just really like the show.  For some reason I just really enjoy Aaron Sorkin’s writing.  Maybe it’s my training as a lawyer that tunes me in to the legalese dialogue.  Maybe it’s my former life in politics that tunes me in to the Washington theme.  It’s probably a combination.  Anyhow, I dug out an old DVD and watched it last night.

Watching my old favorites reminded me of when I was in the hospital for a month four and a half years ago.  I would leave instructions that I was not to be disturbed for temperatures or measuring my urine or blood pressure or anything during my time with the cast of West Wing on Wednesday nights.  It never worked but that’s how seriously I enjoyed this show!  Even while I was miserable in the thick of chemotherapy, this little escape was a mental and emotional oasis is a sea of fear and isolation.

So last night the episode I watched had “President Bartlett” proclaiming education initiatives and he said, “This is a time for American heroes and we reach for the stars!”

I know it’s hokey but I like hokey.  When’s the last time you saw yourself as reaching for the stars?  Now reaching for the stars may be different for different people and is certainly relative to where and when you are in life.  One person’s reaching for the stars may be just to get through chemo without throwing up.  Another’s may be to become President of the United States.  Whatever your “Stars” are, I want to encourage you to reach.  Reach with all you’ve got!

None of us knows what tomorrow brings.  None of us.  Let’s not get there and wonder “Did I reach far enough?”  There’s a quote out there that says something like “Reach for the moon. That way if you miss, you end up among the stars.”  Whether you’re cruising along achieving your dreams left and right, or struggling with discovering what your dreams are, I dare you to dream big!  Reach big!  Stretch!

President John F. Kennedy proclaimed we’d put a man on the moon in ten years and by God we did it!  There is no end to what we can accomplish for good if we set our minds to it.  Set your mind to it.  Identify those things you want to make manifest in your life and set your mind to it!

I can help if you need any guidance.  Let me know.

Take care, take risks, live with Vigor!

Peace and Gratitude,



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