Posted by: GPK | 24.September.2009

Add up the little things…

Yesterday I mentioned the idea of taking some time to identify what really matters to us.  I talked about reaching for the stars.  This morning I realized that sometimes it’s possible to catch ourselves reaching for the stars when we don’t even realize we’re doing it. It’s possible to recognize something grand in the little things we do on a daily basis.

It’s not about feeling better about ourselves for the sake of it. It’s about recognizing that that there can be near heroic facets to everything we do.  It might be the paragraph or two we write of that novel we’ve been working on for years.  It might be the door we hold open for the person with an armful of kids or groceries.  It might be the $20 we stash away toward a romantic trip with that special someone.  It might be the cab we share in the pouring rain. It might be the extra resume we send out for the next big job.  It might be the elevator we hold for the harried parent pushing a stroller. It might be the hand you hold during someone’s chemotherapy.  It might be the car we let into traffic or the person with one item we let into the line at the store.  It’s not just nice little things.  To those people for whom we perform tiny acts of service (including ourselves), they may be the only break they get all day (including ourselves).  That can be a big deal!

Look for opportunities to perform those random acts of kindness and tiny steps toward a goal today.  Perform them here and there.  At the end of the day, add them up and give yourself a standing ovation.  Do it quietly but be sure to applaud yourself.  It’s o.k. to feel good about it.  Do you deserve a medal?  I don’t know.  Only you can answer that.  But if the answer’s “Yes!”, be sure to award yourself the medal!  I prefer the medal be in the form of a chocolate chip cookie, but that’s your call!

Engage, Think, Share!

Let me know how it goes…

Peace and Gratitude,



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