Posted by: GPK | 30.September.2009

Relieve stress instantly? Try this…

We all feel stress, right?

I thought you’d get a kick out of this!

An excerpt from Power v. Force by David R. Hawkins.  I’m finding it to be a challenging read but an absolutely amazing book and well worth reading!

Referring to the applied kinesiology testing that we do to determine whether a particular idea, object or experience strengthens or weakens us by observing its effect on the strength of a particular muscle or group of muscles.

“One other cause for paradoxical test results is a physical condition of the test subject resulting from stress, or depression of the thymus gland function from encountering a very negative energy field.  The thymus gland is located directly behind the top of the breastbone and is the central controller of the body’s acupuncture energy system.  When its energy is low, test results are unpredictable; this can be easily remedied in a few seconds by a simple technique discovered by Dr. John Diamond, which he called the “the thymus thump.”  With clenched fist, pound over this area rhythmically several times while smiling and thinking  of someone you love.  At each thump, say, “Ha-ha-ha.”  Retesting will now show the resumption of thymic dominance, and test results will return to normal.”

No kidding?  Try this.  It’s uncanny!


Engage, Think, Share!

Peace and Gratitude,



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