Posted by: GPK | 1.October.2009

What do you want to have stood for?

My daughter’s friend’s great-grandmother died yesterday.  She was nearly 100 years old.  This young man reminisced to me that she had lived quite an impressive life and lived with passion and vigor.  She pursued her interests to the very last moment and left a legacy of warm memories and love for her children, their children and their children to enjoy!

Two thoughts emerge from this that I wanted to share and ask you to share.  1) Are we living TODAY on a path that will lead to such a legacy for our children?  2) Talk with the children in your life about the three things that I see as making up our legacy…a) living life of joy, b) standing for something, c) helping people.

What more could a life represent that could be more noble?


Engage.  Think.  Share!

Peace and Gratitude,




  1. Hey there George!
    Your first thought reminded me of one of my favorite sayings…”We cannot always build a future for our children, but we can always build our children for the future.”

    Your second thought reminded me of our common ground with our children.
    1. They are both living a life, doing what they love, studying something that will bring them joy for a lifetime.
    2. Standing for something…I know they have stood up to peers that make destructive choices during the teen and post teen years.
    3. How often they are called upon to help people…whether it be a benefit or fundraiser, or simply playing for someone to brighten that person’s day.

    I’m reminded of the time they sat on the porch at camp and simply improvised for my 90 year old grandmother and how that helped to make her day happy.

    I love how when we as parents allow our children to find their own joy, we in turn find ours.

    • You are so right Beth. It’s a nice feeling isn’t it!? Lucky! Thank you for sharing the story about your Grandmother. I remember Peter telling me about that. They’re good kids, for sure! Lucky!

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