Posted by: GPK | 5.October.2009

Cleaning House…

I scrubbed the stove-top this morning, after Tessa left for school.  You know, those thingies under the whatits?  They get so encrusted with gunk that you really have to give it some effort to get it loose.  The stuff that boils over day in and day out gets cooked onto the surface and if you don’t stay on top of cleaning it regularly, it can really create quite a project.  I put it off and put it off until it becomes so gross looking that as a cook, I just can’t stand to look at it anymore!  It has to get really uncomfortable for me before I’ll embrace the discomfort of the effort to clean it (or the embarrassment of how filthy I let it get)!

As I was scrubbing this morning I thought to myself, this is kind of like my office.  When I let the stuff that “boils over” and don’t finish those projects up, they tend to get “baked into” my consciousness until I sit down and finish them.  Old stuff that sits in a file – or worse, in my “in-box” – that just never seems to get finished and off my list.

The more I think about it, that damn stove-top is more of a metaphor for life than I originally thought.  Does everything have to be a lesson?  Apparently…

How many things in your life, right here, right now, are or contain “unfinished business” that requires a little bit of your time, a little bit of your effort and probably a little bit of discomfort?


Engage.  Think.  Share!

Peace and Gratitude,



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