Posted by: GPK | 8.October.2009

A problem for survivors and non-survivors…

O.K. Where the heck do the socks go?  I know that this topic has been fodder for comedians since the dawn of the automatic washer/dryer combination appliance but how is it possible that I put five pairs of socks in the washer but only 9 socks come out of the dryer?  I am pretty sure that quantum physics and parallel dimensions are involved!

What ticks me off is that some of these “lost” socks are my nice Balega socks from Fleet Feet.  These are NOT just socks to me.  These are the most amazingly comfortable socks in the world.  I understand that the trolls in the parallel dimension might want to experience these socks but do spiritual beings need socks at all?  Maybe the trolls in the parallel dimension are even LESS spiritually evolved than us humans becoming. Is it possible?  Maybe they steal socks to feed some primal need.

Am I judging them by characterizing the beings on “the other side” as trolls?  What if they’re all just better looking versions of us?  Wouldn’t THAT just tick you off?

You know what?  I don’t even care what they look like.  “Be and let be” is my motto for inter-dimensional tolerance.  Just give me my gosh-darn socks back.  I want my Balega socks back!

If anyone has ANY explanation for the disappearance of my Balega socks, please share!

Peace and Gratitude,



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