Posted by: GPK | 9.October.2009

Trust…What’s it all about?

Your GPK Friday Challenge

Where does trust come from?

This week’s GPK Friday Challenge requires a bit of thought.  Where does Trust come from?  In relationships, in work, in our increasingly interdependent lives, Trust – at some level – appears to be essential.  How do we learn to trust others?

Please share your thoughts.  This is something I know a lot of people struggle with.  Trusting…being trusted.  How does it all work?  What do you think?

Peace and gratitude,




  1. My tendency is to trust people before knowing them well enough to do so really. I attribute this to having hope… hope that people are generally good, kind,accepting and will be as careful with my feelings as I intend to be with theirs. This has not changed much since I was a kid. I find myself continually disappointed, but do it over and over again. Is this stupidity…. or hope?

    My biggest struggle is trusting someone who has betrayed or hurt me. I can forgive, but human nature does not allow us to forget as easily. The trust takes so long to regain… and I don’t know if it ever really fully comes back. I would like to think it can.

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