Posted by: GPK | 12.October.2009

Pain v. pleasure – What do you focus on?

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of playing a really great game of flag football. During the game I hurt my pinky finger when my shoe slipped on the grass and I wiped out. (Yes, I almost certainly would have scored had I not wiped out!) 😉

O.K. So it’s my pinky finger and that’s no big deal. I understand that. But this little bugger hurts! The point I want to make today is that as much as my finger hurt for the rest of the game, I barely felt it because I was having so much fun! I remember trying to laugh as much as I possibly could during my chemotherapy. Same idea. The laughter and fun (and exercise too) helps you deal with pain.

Long distance runners have long understood this idea and call it the “runner’s high”. Scientists now tell us that this phenomena is caused by our body’s release of chemicals as powerful as heroin. The chemicals are called endorphins. Laughter, running, sex and just about anything that require physical exertion lead our body’s to release these endorphins. Endorphins not only make us “feel” good they actually deaden pain! That’s real stuff.

All day today, whenever my pinky hurts, I’m going to think of the fun I had playing football.  What do you think?

Peace and gratitude,



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