Posted by: GPK | 16.October.2009

Chicken or Egg? Your Friday GPK Challenge

Which comes first a great attitude or a healthy body?

Certainly a healthy body makes it a bit easier to have a great attitude. Less worries about weight, diet, physical ailments, disease, self esteem and other stuff that is probably just as often worried about, like clothes fitting, how your hair behaves, etc. At the same time, I’ve known plenty of very fit, very attractive people who have horrible attitudes. The film “Shallow Hal” comes to mind.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a guy (Jack Black) who gets hypnotized to see people for who they really are despite their outward appearances and it’s quite a learning experience for him.

On the other hand, I know from first hand experience as well as having worked with thousands of people in similar situations that when the body is very ill, riddled with disease and even apparently on the verge of death, a healthy attitude is possible.  I would argue that at such times a healthy attitude is more important than ever.

So with this dichotomy in mind, your GPK challenge for today and this weekend is pay attention to two things. One is what you put into your body for nourishment and the other is how you INITIALLY respond to things.

1) Watch what you eat. See if you can go an hour without consuming anything made with white bleached flour, processed sugar (or sugar substitute like “Equal”) or loads of sodium in it. Then see if you can go half a day. Then a day, etc. Now we know from years of experimentation that in order to drop one habit you have to replace it with another so rather than eating that “junk” (which is a compliment) try to eat a serving of fresh fruit or vegetable instead. It’s much harder to do but so much better for you.

2) Observe when you receive information today and over the weekend. How do you initially respond? Do you respond with optimism, encouragement, positivity? Or do you react with pessimism, skepticism and negativity?

Just observe. No judgment necessary. Just watch and learn and take it in. Make some journal entries. I think you’ll find it helpful. And log in and share your thoughts too! I’d appreciate your sharing your observations about either or both of these challenges.

That’s it. That’s your homework this weekend.


Peace and gratitude,



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