Posted by: GPK | 19.October.2009

Comfort food…

What do you suppose it is about comfort food that makes us feel so good?

I know the scientist’s answer.  It triggers the release of receptors that occupy molecular sites in our neurological system which, in turn, causes the release of chemicals that cause us to feel emotions of nostalgia.  That’s all well and good and a fine explanation of HOW it works.

But I’m sorry, it just doesn’t satisfy my curiosity to know WHY if feels so darned good to eat cider doughnuts in upstate New York in the Fall?!

Any theories?

Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. So are you saying you had cider donuts with processed sugar on them … after our Friday challenge NOT to eat junk food? What happened to the fresh fruit/veggie substitute? 🙂
    I personally am a bit addicted to sugar and have been cutting down. I notice when I eat sugar, I crave more sugar. I also notice my moods swing more drastically. When I do not have sugar for a while, I lose the craving.
    There certainly is something about comfort foods though. For me its a bowl of my mom’s pasta. Or a peanut butter and FLUFF sandwich, or my grandmother’s recipe of rice in milk and butter…hmmm yummy. Warms my soul just thinking about. It is a combination of the food and what it made me feel like as a kid when I was served those foods. Nostalgia.

  2. Yes, I have to admit that the cider doughnuts do this for me. My old classmate Kirk brought up on Facebook that they reminded him of his childhood. I think that’s where the comfort comes from. Thanks for checking in and sharing your recollection of your family’s recipes. Although I don’t see the appeal of the rice dish, I certainly relate! I’m sure some of my grandparent’s recipes would sound gross to some people too. It’s funny how unique the associations we’ve created can be. Fascinating. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! GPK

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