Posted by: GPK | 20.October.2009

Personal Responsibility…This is the biggie!

Accept 100% responsibility for exactly where you are.  Right here. Right now.  Obviously your path has been influenced by the many, many decisions of people in your life.  Your parents, your teachers, your friends, your kids.  And obviously your path has been influenced by events that have been outside of your circle of influence.  The economy, the weather, the global situation, etc.  Evaluating where you are obviously must take all of this into account.  Be careful, however, because it’s dangerously easy to get sucked in to the blame game.

In order to accurately assess where you are and where you are going, you must strike a balance among understanding how you came to be where you are in life and where YOU are going to take it from here.  All those other influences will continue to operate in your life whether you are mindful of them or not.  The key is to make a DECISION about how much influence you are NOW going to allow those factors to have on you.  Now that you are an adult, exercising free will and self-determination and decision making power, you have the awesome responsibility of exercising those things with care.

And Yes, that also means that you are one of those factors in OTHER people’s lives too.  And Yes, that also means that you have the awesome responsibility of wielding that influence carefully.  Sometimes people put their lives into your hands, sometimes their emotions, sometimes they just ask you to hold the elevator for them.  Wield that power with great care!  Remember the platinum rule, “Treat others the way you’d expect they’d want to be treated.”

It’s a balancing act to be sure.  It’s been said that balance is bogus and that you must direct your attention solely on that thing that brings you most effectiveness in seeking your dreams.  I have always disagreed with this assessment.  Life is not a sea-saw, it’s more like a spinning top on the surface of a table.  It takes energy to maintain balance.  The various facets of life occupy different areas on the surface of the top.  Unless you strike that balance with your responsibilities to others spread throughout your life, mixed in with healthy amounts of the pursuit of your dreams, you will be out of balance and spin out of control, eventually toppling over the edge of the table.

Embrace the responsibility.  It’s what makes you a human becoming.  Love life, it’s many interactions and the unending opportunities to serve yourself, your loved ones and your fellow spirits.  We’re all unique collections of spiritual ideas searching for expression in a desperately finite physical experience.  We ALL have that in common.  It’s a biggie!

Watch today for the many ways your fellow spirits are seeking expression.  Notice how your methods of seeking expression interact with and interdepend upon the many lives around you.

Let’s engage in this conversation.  Please ask me about this, share your feelings about this, express your own view about these ideas!  This is the big one, folks.  Mastery of this will bring us peace if enough embrace it.  I’m certain of it.

Engage, Think, Share!

Peace and Gratitude,



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