Posted by: GPK | 26.October.2009

Blog “lite” today…

Wow!  “Views” and responses to last Friday’s GPK Challenge were at an all time high!  Thank you!  I guess you folks do read this stuff!  😉  I can’t thank you enough for being so forthright about your feelings on relationships.  That’s a popular topic and we’ll come back to it for sure.

I’m thinking we need to keep it a little “lite” for a couple days.  So here’s an easy one for you… What are your plans for Halloween this weekend?  Let’s hear some of your ideas for costumes you’re planning to wear, the craziest you’ve seen, the cheesiest, the absolute worst?

For me I’m planning on going out as a Flight Ramp Agent (orange flashlights too if I can find them).  I’ll water-ski with my mates mid-day on Saturday (wet suits, of course! – it’s an annual tradition) and then provide Reese’s peanut-butter cups to the local little’uns.

This isn’t me copping out.  Just keeping you on your toes… and hopefully a smile on your face.

Engage, Think, Share!

Peace and Gratitude,




  1. LOL George that sounds like an interesting costume, original. I myself will not be dressing up this year. The cutest one I’ve ever seen was a lady wearing a sweat suit with cereal boxes all over with plastic knives in each box. She told me she is a cereal killer!!!!

    • Cereal Killer. THAT is funny! Sick…but funny!

      • That is so creative! I’m stuck in the hospital for night float but decided I’m going to dress up anyway. Think I’m going to keep it easy and be a disco dance queen with a big purple fro since I have the outfit already. figured I’d take a bag of candy for the nurses and patients…somebodies got to spread the halloween love in the hospital!

      • ABBA would be proud!

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