Posted by: GPK | 28.October.2009

Gotta be me! Gotta be you!

I’ve heard it said that the struggle to express our individuality is the hardest thing we do.  In our melting-pot culture we evidence how much we value that individuality everyday.  We express it in the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the way we do our hair, the blogs we write.  From the moment we wake up we begin making decisions about how we’ll express ourselves in a unique, attractive, special way each day.

Our quest to express our unique selves comes from our primal desire, our natural drive to understand our identity.  “Who” we are in a world of “others”.  In the prehistoric world, it was essential, I suppose, for the continued survival of the species by insuring the attraction of a viable mate, etc.  In the modern world, our individuality accomplishes the same thing and has the added benefit of enhancing our self-knowledge and in turn our self-esteem.  I suppose that helps with the survival of the species too in a way.  We all know that confidence and accurate self-awareness can be powerful aphrodisiacs.

The Halloween preparations I hear the kids and many adults making these days brings this all to my mind.  We’re all – including myself – trying to figure out a clever costume.  We’re all trying to be unique and memorable.  I enjoy this all very much.  It’s fun to watch and fun to take part in.  Is it just entertainment, I wonder?  Or are we still playing a part in evolution?  Would Darwin – seeing our Halloween antics – observe that those of us with the cleverest costumes have the greatest opportunity to propagate and therefore insure the survival of the human species?

So, Halloween costumes…Entertainment or Evolution?

Engage.  Think.  Share!

Peace and Gratitude,




  1. I am pretty darn sure that my date for Halloween night would like me to wear something … ahem… sassy. It just seems such a cliche these days. For adults, women in particular, Halloween seems to be an excuse to vamp it up. I mean… come on all ready … sexy boarding school girl! That isn’t as much a costume for Halloween as it is one for the bedroom fantasy! Yikes, did I just say that?
    What happened to the creativity of our parent’s day… My mom was a football player and my dad, a cheerleader (complete with falseys! I think they were balloons!) THAT was creative and so flipping funny!
    Someone suggested I be Jessica Rabbit. I could pull it off and my date would go wild for it but I am leaning toward Roger Rabbit… something more of a stretch.
    Be creative. Think of Lucy’s quote from “Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown”; “A person should always choose a costume that is in direct contrast to her own personality.”

  2. Now THAT is some great information! What a good idea. Lucy was right on the money! Thanks for bringing that to light, Robin. Good stuff.
    The idea that we can show who we are by going straight to who we aren’t is superb! O.K. so now I have to rethink my airport ramp attendant costume. Maybe Rocket Scientist or Race Car driver? Who knows. I’ll have to give that some serious thought! Thanks for raising the issue. What do you think folks?

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