Posted by: GPK | 2.November.2009

Wash October away…November’s next!

Each month my daughter and I write our big items on our schedules on a dry erase calendar on our kitchen door.  This way we can see where we’ll be and when so we each know at a glance and see the issues we’ll have for transportation, meals, etc. for the month.

This morning – as Tessa wiped the October entries off the board – she said “Wash October away!” as casually and calmly as though she was saying “Good morning!”

What a lovely idea, eh?  Just wash away the month.  Just wash it away.  The good stuff would stay in our lives, of course, just like washing a shirt doesn’t wash the shirt away.  Just the dirt!

So here we are at November 2nd.  Just 60 days or so left in the year.  Let’s wash away the part of the year that is past, embrace the balance of it and press on anew!

As you reflect back on 2009 just a few short months from now on December 31st what do you want to look back and be able to say about this year?  What do you want to be able to say you got done or made progress toward?  Who do you want to be able to say you got closer to?  What debts do you want to have made progress in paying?  All debts too, not just financial…emotional, physical, spiritual?  What do you want to remember 2009 for?

Decide that today.  And if you’ve been dragging your feet a bit…get crackin!

If you’re up to it, share some of your ambitions for the next 60 days.  Put it in writing and commit yourself!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. I love this! Instead of thinking on December 31st… “I wish I had done this or that”… I can think about what I can DO in the next 60 days. 60 days. That is a lot of time actually, and not a lot of time… at the same time!
    Ok GPK. This IS a challenge. I am going to apply for the job I really want. I am going to get my resume together in the next few days and go for it. I am going to finish paying off my credit card so I can save money for that Harley that I wanted to get in my 40th year. I am going to give a real committed effort to my relationship while figuring out what it is that the independent Robin wants. I am going to reach out to my friends and seek to spend more time with them. Lets say 3 friends in particular, I will see them at least 3 times by the end of the year. I think its better to be specific.
    Thank you for the kick in the pants.

    • Great Robin! A good goal is both specific and measurable but most of all a great goal is one that the thought of which inspires a real feeling in you! Your goals of the job application, debt payment, friend contact and relationship effort all fit those perfectly! May the energy of the universe swirl around you as you pursue these noble objectives… and keep us all posted! GPK

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