Posted by: GPK | 4.November.2009

Let’s keep the light on!

Well?  Did we get the government we deserve? – As Alexis de Tocqueville may have asked us?  While de Tocqueville was often sharply critical of the democratic process as it is executed here in America, it is clear from his writing that there was a deep respect and great hope for democracy.  Does it work?  Did it work yesterday?  Did we get a group of folks who will do better than the last?  Is it really as simple as that?

I ask because I was thinking yesterday that maybe it’s time for real people to insist that our political leaders become real people too!  Another great de Tocqueville quote that I’m fond of is a bit more philosophical…

“When the past no longer illuminates the future, the spirit walks in darkness.”

What we do today will become tomorrow’s “past”.  Let’s make sure that looking back on what we do today, we’ll think of it as illuminating rather than darkening.  Let’s make sure that what we do today is strengthening rather than weakening.  Let’s make sure that what we do today builds our legacy rather than tears it down!

Who knows what tomorrow brings?  None of us, right?  Just around the corner could be the next big challenge, the big break, the feared diagnosis, the good news, the nightmare or the dream.  What we do today – each moment – prepares us for that next big moment.  What we decide at every corner, at every fork in the road, at every opportunity makes the difference the next time we are asked to decide.  And every decision counts.

What will you do today to light the tomorrows of our children – so their spirits as well as ours – will walk in light?

Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. Just wanted to say I really like this one. I love the analogy of walking and sharing our light. I just had it hit home that a major “light sharer” in my life has a very serious diagnosis and the realization that it is my responsibility to share with others the light he shared with me. The whole pay it forward idea 🙂 So what happens when you don’t feel much like a light tho? Any thoughts?

  2. A minor correction. We do not have a democracy; we have a republic. The differences are huge and, while some may think the terminology to be interchangeable, it is not. The Founders created a republic on purpose; they did not create a democracy. No room to get into the gory details, but even a cursory glance at a history book will show this to be true. Sorry to get all political but in order to fix the future, we must understand our past.

    I really like your blog. Great format, soothing colors, neat picture of some lake. Schroon? George? Be good bro and keep fighting the good fight.


    • Very grateful to you Tom for clarifying my faux pas! I should have known better. Actually I did know better, thus the faux pas. Thank you for your vigilance in rescuing our republic!

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