Posted by: GPK | 6.November.2009

Your Friday GPK Relationship Challenge

A two-fer today!

Your Friday GPK Relationship Challenge

So you’re not married, been dating awhile (long enough to enjoy a holiday together) and you’re each invited to the other’s family for Thanksgiving dinner.  Which do you attend?  How do you tell the other family?  Do you tough it out, loosen your belt and go to both?

On a different note, here’s another one… You both work for the same company.  You have an opportunity to apply for a better position.  You apply and begin your networking to set yourself up for the promotion.  You find out your partner is bucking for the same position.  What do you do?


Engage!  Think!  Share!

Peace and Gratitude,




  1. Situation one evokes another question…are there children involved? Without a doubt the kiddies needs have to come before any relationship goals. If one person has kids and the other doesn’t, hands down an easy decision to spend holidays on that side. If both have children, which kids are the youngest or which kids are the more mature and able to understand the compromises of blended families? If no children are involved then look at it from a comfort level. Whose family has embraced the relationship and shows respect to the significant other? Which holiday situation will bring you the most joy as a couple and not as individuals? Which family respects you as a couple and thinks of the boyfriend/girlfriend as part of the family even though you aren’t married? Which family makes the boyfriend/girlfriend feel truly welcomed, and which side simply tolerates? If you’re lucky enough to have warmth on both sides and you’re in driving proximity then go for both! Double the families, double the love!

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