Posted by: GPK | 10.November.2009

Can you be Impeccable with your words for an entire day?

Is exaggerating lying?  Yesterday, I was describing something not particularly important but I made it sound like a little bigger deal than it was.  It wasn’t necessary for the drama of the story.  It wasn’t a key element of the tale I was telling.  In describing an event, I said that it made me more upset than it actually had.  I said it for effect.

We hear it often don’t we?  We do it often too.  Is it lying?

What do you think?

Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,




  1. Did you feel guilty? Would the other person be upset if they found out that you exaggerated this part of the story? If not, then its just good story telling 🙂

  2. Thanks Jessica. But are you just letting me off the hook? Seriously, I agree that there is an element of good story telling and that probably does cover it. I think they call that poetic license, right?

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