Posted by: GPK | 12.November.2009

The sweetest fruit is at the end of the branch!

Cancer is not ageist, racist, sexist or discriminatory in any way.

It visits upon any of us.  It touches all of us.  Please be mindful of your health today.  Even if you’re experiencing some aches and pains, recognize that it could always be worse and be grateful for the fact that you’re here.  Some say that any day above ground is a good day.  I happen to be one of those who agree with that statement.  It falls short though.  It’s not just a good day to me.  It’s another great day to take advantage of every moment.

Live today as though it was that one extra day you always wished for!  There are those among us who won’t get that chance.  It’s one of the gifts of our human experience that we just don’t know what today, tomorrow or the next day will bring.  So enjoy each moment!

Here are some other “regular” folks who’ve been touched by cancer and decided to tell their story.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Dennis Hopper

Patrick Swayze

Sent him copy of my book.   His book – The Time of My Life…

George P. Kansas  😉

If I could just get my book into their hands!  Actually, when Patrick Swayze was first diagnosed, I did send a few copies of my books to his Oncologist.  I never heard back.

At the end of the day today, how do you want to feel?  Like you just trudged through another day clinging safely to the trunk of the tree of your life?  Or do you want to feel what it feels like to have crawled out a little onto the branches and reached out to grasp the sweetest fruit at the end of the limb?

Carpe’ Diem!  Seize the day!

Engage, think, share!

Peace and Gratitude,



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