Posted by: GPK | 13.November.2009

The Friday GPK Relationship Challenge!

Hey, it’s Friday the 13th.  A renowned good luck day for all couples and people seeking love!

This week’s GPK Relationship Challenge is simple….

Do you finish each other’s sentences?  Is that a good thing?  Can you go a day without interrupting your “other” at all?  Can you actually let him/her/it tell an entire story without a single interruption?

What do you think?

Engage, think, share!

Peace and Gratitude,




  1. Good questions George! I grew up in a large family, our conversation style requires interrupting and talking over each other. It’s part of the charm. I have had friends who were “only children” who REALLY have a tough time with this conversation style… finding it rude, while with other friends the conversation just flows.

    My sig other constantly interrupts me… sometimes it’s good, like when I am stammering to find the right word. Sometimes it is not so good, like when he finishes my sentences incorrectly with the wrong word. I say “no…” and he tries again and again repeatedly getting it wrong! Then I lose my train of thought and completely forget what the heck my point is. Sometimes we laugh it off, sometimes it is just plain frustrating for both of us. How could someone consistently finish my sentences incorrectly? Especially the one person who seems to “know” me the best?

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