Posted by: GPK | 20.November.2009

Chores v. Foreplay?

Your Friday GPK Relationship Challenge

First a report on some of your feedback…It looks like the 3 movies we can all agree upon are The Princess Bride, Sleepless in Seattle and Bull Durham.  While these are all excellent selections, I did expect there to be a few more movies involving bullets of some kind.  Maybe it’s so that if women led our armies we’d be less likely to be at war?  Although Margaret Thatcher did send the British Navy to the Falklands, so go figure.

Yesterday while on my way to Court downstate, my car broke down on the interstate.  I called the Court to tell them my predicament.  The Clerk’s reply was “We’ll be here a while tonight.”  As though she completely didn’t believe me!

Have we all become so completely jaded that even the most innocent of reasons for disappointment fall short?

The relationship challenge here is one of self-assessment.  Has your communication become “grand” just to keep things “interesting”?  Can we handle even the most remote version of a “ho-hum” partnership?  Must it always be “interesting”?  Can’t just hanging out be fun in it’s own way.

Am I wrong in thinking that the simple acts of raking leaves or grocery shopping are reasonable means of foreplay?

Engage, think, share!

Peace and Gratitude for a safe weekend.




  1. Grocery shopping! This made me chuckle George. When I was single and dating I would tell my friends that all I really wanted was someone to go grocery shopping with. No joke. Grocery shopping meant I was IN a relationship, doing the simplest of things together. To me, that would be bliss.
    My sig other and I finally went grocery shopping after 9 months of dating. And it was an event! 🙂
    Now when we grocery shop… I smile slyly every time. Simple chores as foreplay? Absolutely!

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