Posted by: GPK | 23.November.2009

What makes us raise our voices?

What makes us raise our voices in anger?

Is it our ego? Or our true sense of right and wrong?  I wonder if it makes a difference?

Praying for peace and gratitude,




  1. Perhaps it is an old, no longer really needed, defense mechanism. Maybe it is a callback to our days as hunter/gatherers we needed to yell loudly displaying anger to scare off an animal or enemy attack? And how about Roosevelt’s saying “Speak softly and carry a big stick.” Is that what we have evolved to? Who is to say which way really gets a point across best?
    Yelling is very effective to sensitive people, less so to those who have a tendency to raise their voices.
    Ego? Perhaps.. especially when it seems that the person you are yelling at does not GET your point and you KNOW you are right. This, therefore, makes it a about true sense of right and wrong. Sometimes raising your voice is a punctuation. “I know I am right!”
    Nothing definitive, just some food for thought.

  2. I can tell you this: when someone yells at me, I know they are very upset about something… enough so to raise their voice. It makes me think…

  3. I don’t like when communication gets to a point of yelling. To me, that means communication is no longer two-way which results in anger and emotions instead of calm resolution.

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