Posted by: GPK | 1.December.2009

Day One of 31 – Set your intentions!

You’ve got 31 days left of this year.  Set your intentions!  What would you like to see, be, do and have after these next 31 days are over?

Go ahead…make a list.  Quick big things like a hug, a kiss or a nice thing to say don’t require a list.  But almost every AMAZING experience in this life that requires time to accomplish (big things like inventing powered flying, building the Golden Gate Bridge, improving your healthy, hiking the Appalachian Trail, increasing your income, running your first 5K) these things start with a list!

Make your list for the last days of 2009.

Today, do at least 6 things towards accomplishing 1 thing on that list!

Imagine your running toward the finish line of your first 5K and it feels like there’s nothing left in your tank.  Aren’t you worth digging down deep to see what you’ve got for that last sprint to the finish line?

31 days left in 2009.  Let’s sprint it in together!

Peace and Gratitude,



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