Posted by: GPK | 7.December.2009

The Power of Forgiveness

Look yourself in the mirror today and forgive yourself for your mistakes.

You’re a human becoming!  Sometimes you get it right.  Sometimes you screw it up so bad you hardly recognize your own handiwork.  Forgive yourself and pray that those you’ve hurt will forgive you too.  Then go and do good.  Do the right thing.  Doing it the right way will come to you.

Peace and gratitude,




  1. Thats EXACTLY how I was feeling today! Thank you GPK.
    My sig other and I had a really rough week. I really didn’t do my best with patience and understanding… and said things I wished I hadn’t and acted rather coldly. I was in protection mode instead of loving mode. NOT a way to make the most important relationship in my life better.
    By some miracle, I quickly realized my “handiwork”, as you put it, and have been diligently listening to my hearts desire to do the right thing. It comes so much more easily and uses much less energy than messing it all up like I was! Thank you for this post today. Very encouraging.

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