Posted by: GPK | 8.December.2009

We are not alone!

From the headline, you may have thought this blog was going to be about aliens.  If you were looking forward to that, I apologize for the disappointment. No, this is about the fact that whether we are cancer survivors in the thick of treatment or caregivers struggling to provide support and understanding, or even just regular folks trying to eek out a living, we are – none of us – alone.

Whether we have friends or family or support groups made up of perfectly imperfect strangers, we have resources to which we can turn for the most basic emotional support. If you can’t think of who those folks are, I would wager that you’re not thinking very hard. They are there. Look closer!

Be grateful for those folks. Reach out to them when you can.  When you’ve got some extra strength to spare, thank them and let them know you are grateful for their support. Sometimes all you need is to express a little gratitude and the well is refilled!

Peace and gratitude,



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