Posted by: GPK | 9.December.2009

The weather outside…

Snowing!  Yay!

For you non-snow people out there who may be complaining right now…two comments for you…1) Hello, it’s New York.  It snows here.  A lot!  2)  If you really, really, really want to move to North Carolina, stop complaining, take what you can get for your house and go already.  We’ll come visit!

Now that I’ve finished my shoveling, I’ll just revise that last sentence a bit…We’ll come visit often!  😉

I know that was a little negative so instead of preparing for the world that way, let’s pivot shall we?  Personally, I think the snow is glorious.  Shoveling is great exercise, it quiets the streets down, and it makes my house look neat and clean from the street which is no small feat.  Plus, the kids get to play hookie today which is very cool.  Personally, I think the wheels of commerce should grind to a halt when it snows.  Everyone should be outside playing in the snow!

O.K. Reality…So it’s 23 days left including today.  It takes 21 days to replace a bad habit with a good one so that leaves you some spare time to lock in a great new habit.  Maybe it’s sit-ups everyday…Start them today!  Maybe it’s quitting smoking (Byech! Great idea!)…Throw out that pack, carton, case Right Now!  Maybe it’s just switching from being a jack-ass to being a nicer person…No better time than the present!

23 days left.  What’s 2009 going to have stood for?  It’s up to you!

Decide on three things that you absolutely, positively must see, be, do or have by December 31, 2009.  Get crackin’!

Peace and Gratitude,



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