Posted by: GPK | 23.December.2009

Here we are with just 8 days left in 2009

8 days.  What can we do with 8 days?

Last night I went shopping.  I wanted to buy my something electronic and had a gift card so I went to one of those giant stores attached to a mall.  There were – literally – hundreds of people in this store.  There were 25 people standing around the little section housing the particular items I was looking at.  I can’t mention them because the person for whom I am going to purchase this item reads this blog nearly every day and I don’t want to spoil the surprise.

Anyhow, based on watching the crowd and the unskilled, untrained, unprepared manner in which the clerks were addressing the needs of this crowd, I thought to myself, 1) there’s a GREAT opportunity here for a corporate training program client and 2) “I’m going to wait an hour to get any kind of help here.”  It was one of those displays where you couldn’t just grab the product you wanted, you have to wait for a clerk to get it for you from under the locked cabinet.

I thought “ya know, life’s not long enough for me to invest an hour of it waiting in this particular line that long.”  While the person for whom this gift is intended is worth every minute of it, I’m certain he/she (ahh clever right?) would understand.

I’m going back today.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

My point is…What will you do with 8 days?  With just 8 days left in the year, each moment takes on a new significance that the same sized moment didn’t have just a week or a month ago.

What will you  do with these next 8 days.

Let me know…

Peace and Gratitude,



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