Posted by: GPK | 5.January.2010

Let’s set some GOALS!

So many people set unrealistic “Resolutions” only to be frustrated at years end that nothing got done!

How to set a R.E.A.L. Goal and increase the likelihood that it will actually come to fruition.

Real goals must be…


Reachable…barely.  If it’s easily done, it’s a To-Do not a goal.  Goals make you reach, strain a little, stretch yourself to be better than who you are right now!

Exciting!  The dream that this goal feeds better be exciting.  Each goal may not melt your butter but the dream behind needs to. If not, give it away.  A dream that doesn’t excite you belongs to someone else!  Example after example of phenomenally successful people ALWAYS say find what you LOVE and do it and do it and do it until you’re so damn good at it you can hardly stand doing anything else.

Arguable.  If you can’t defend your dreams against all arguments, do you really believe in the dream?  The goals toward that dream need to be equally defendable.

Long-term.  Again, if it’s something that just needs doing, it’s a To-Do, not a goal.  Goals take some time.  They’re made up of a lot of To-Dos.  And yes, you have to make a list of the To-Dos that will get you to your Goal.  It doesn’t matter how long it takes, it’s the steps to get there that count.

Tackle this today.  Think of a dream that excites you.  Maybe you want to own a new motorcycle.  Let’s use this as an example.

Is it reachable?  Well you know other people have motorcycles so it’s reachable.

Does it excite you?  Yes?  Great, it’s a goal and it’s for you!

Is it arguable?  What would you say to “That’s a stupid idea, those things are dangerous?”  Or “Why buy a motorcycle, they’re so expensive?”

Is it long-term?  Could you just write a check today and buy one?  If not, then it’s a long-term goal.  It may only take you a month but it took steps to get you there.  That counts.  Long-term doesn’t apply so much to the time it takes to get there as it relates to the fact that you don’t just snap your fingers.  Those things are To-Dos.

Tomorrow, we tackle the “HOW” of getting your Goal done!

Peace and gratitude,



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