Posted by: GPK | 7.January.2010

Type Two Goals? Soul Dreams!

So yesterday we talked about “Type One” Goals. Goals that you kind of know HOW to get just never seem to taking the steps.  We talked about the importance of breaking them down into doable steps so the whole task doesn’t seem so daunting.

With “Type Two Goals” the challenge is getting started in the first place because often times the seeming impossibility of the goal is compounded by the fact that you have no idea HOW to make it happen.  You don’t know the little steps that lead to the little victories that lead to the bigger accomplishments.  Either there are no role models to copy or ask or it’s a new idea or you’re just plain chicken!  These Type Two goals are whoppers.

The catch?  These are the goals that are put in our minds to feed our souls.  These are our soul’s dreams.  These are the goals that – impossible as they may appear – we simply must pursue to be truest to our selves.

So what’s one of your soul dreams?

My biggie is to deliver one of my Jumper Cables programs to 25,000 survivors and their caregivers in Madison Square Garden by the time I’m 50!  This idea truly excites me.  It’s something that would gratify me to my very core by accomplishing.  It satisfies many of my deepest desires to help others, to enjoy the process, and to share my ideas, insights and inspirations.

What’s one of yours?

You must first articulate it.  Once you articulate it the process of finding out HOW to accomplish it begins to unravel!  Say it out loud!   Share it on the blog if you dare!

Thinking it in your head (dreaming it or thinking of it) is like your dream’s conception.  It feels good and it’s fun.  Thinking about it and kicking it around in your head is like it’s gestation.  It grows but you’re not entirely sure what it’s going to look like or what you’ll call it.  Writing it in words is your dream’s birth!  As a parent, that’s when the real work begins!  Write it in words.  Then we’ll talk about raising it!

Tomorrow, we talk about how to nurture these Soul Dreams.

Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,



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