Posted by: GPK | 8.January.2010

“Impossible” Dreams: This is a biiig one!

O.K. Yesterday I said that today we’d cover the “impossible goals”.  It’s also usually the day for our Friday GPK Relationship Challenge.  Is that ironic?  😉

Seriously, we can cover both.  They are related somewhat in how to handle them.  The challenge with the “impossible” goals is that we feel them when we set them but deep down inside we really “know” that it won’t happen.  We feel this way because we have no earthly idea of HOW to accomplish them.

Good news and bad news.  The bad news is also really good news but it takes a lot of growing to deal with it so hang on.  The bad news is that in order to achieve “impossible” goals, we’re going to need to WORK!  I don’t care what “The Secret” says, I don’t care what the new age wisdom says, in order to achieve the impossible you are going to have to work.  In order to lose 100 pounds, you’re going to have walk a lot of miles and eat with a little more discipline.  In order to make a million dollars you’re going to have to come up with a great idea and convince people that it is valuable.  In order to travel the world you’re either going to have to raise the money to pay for it or work as a hand on a barge to pay your way.

Are there other ways to accomplish these things?  Of course.  Do they all require work?  Yes.

Now, does that work have to miserable?  No.  Can it be fun?  Of course.  Can you make the work seem like magic by having a great attitude and meditating and exercising your mind the right way?  All absolutely true!  (That, by the way, is the good news!)

So, there’s a little mix of hard work and magic in there.  You got that, right?  The point is that once you chunk down the dream into little pieces of hard work, and once you establish some history of success with the tiny pieces of hard work, and once you see some PROGRESS (and it may take some time) you BEGIN to see that your “impossible” dream as not quite so impossible!

I know that was a run-on sentence but read that again.  It’s worth re-reading because it uncovers the true “Secret” to success.

You see, we humans don’t like being beginners at anything.  It makes us feel inadequate.  As a species, we get frustrated waaay too easily.  The key is sticking with something long enough so that 3 important things happen.

1)    We begin to feel a sense of competency at pursuing the thing we’re pursuing.
2)    We begin to see the “light at the end of the tunnel”.
3)    We begin to have confidence in the idea that while it may take some time, the journey is becoming enjoyable.

These things result in a renewed ability and comfort level in being uncomfortable.  We begin to understand that the “hard word” toward accomplishing the goal is actually largely enjoyable and well worth the effort.

We also don’t like to follow a path, generally, when we don’t know where it leads.  This relates to the HOW again.  When we don’t know HOW to make a dream come true, we often give up before we begin.  THIS is where the “Secret” and many “new” mindfulness techniques come in.

Through meditation and networking and coaching and masterminding and ideas sharing, we can gradually uncover the many different pathways to our dreams.  There are no single right answers.  There are no wrong answers.  There are more and less effective ways to make things happen but they all help us learn and grow.  If we’re paying attention AND we’re working and taking action toward the VISION of what we THINK our dream looks like then we make progress toward it.

As we do more of this, we get better at it and the dream becomes CLEARER.  As the image of our dream and the feelings it inspires become more and more palpable in our consciousness, the dream begins to manifest in our lives.  This is where the magic comes in again.

This is the part that is so hard for most of us to believe.  Not because it’s so unreal, but because most of us don’t stick with a goal long enough to get to this point.  I think it was Jung who called it Synchronicity: The idea that some seemingly cosmic set of events could somehow conspire to make manifest an event in our lives.  If you stick with a dream long enough, however, you not only begin to believe in it wholeheartedly, but you begin to depend on its reliability!

So how does this relate to relationships?  You tell me…

Peace and gratitude,



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