Posted by: GPK | 11.January.2010

Isn’t it time your super-hero alter-ego made an appearance in your life?

What’s your Super-Hero alter-ego?

Imagine standing there preparing for whatever you are about to do.  Imagine you’re in your secret lair.  Your standing in front of your mirror while your valet clips on your cape and super-hero accessories.

Imagine your costume.  Not just flashy but highly functional too.  What gadgets hang from your super-hero tool belt.  Batman has his Bat-grappling hook and Bat-boomerang.  Superman is a minimalist.  Wonder Woman has her lasso of truth.  What gadgets do you have?  Maybe your i-phone and what else?

O.K. What’s your cape look like?  How about your special super-hero transportation?

Now, what’s facing you?  What’s next?  A board meeting?  A presentation?  How about a super-hero board meeting?  How about a super-hero presentation?  Isn’t it about time you acted like the super-hero you are?

What’s wrong?  Your super-hero skills a bit rusty from neglect since your childhood?  Remember, practice makes perfect.  Remember back to your childhood. Hiding in your couch pillow fort preparing for your next mission.  You’re grown up now with grown-up experiences, grown-up missions and grown-up resources!

What do you call yourself?  What logo do we need to tell the Mayor to put on the big sky light as your super-hero help signal?  Imagine your co-workers are flashing that up on the ceiling now.  They need you!  Who shall come to their rescue?

What’s next?  Put on that cape and go to it!

Peace and gratitude,



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