Posted by: GPK | 12.January.2010

Letting go of old hurdles!

What has held you back in previous years doesn’t have to hold you back this year!

O.K., so you’ve identified your most important things to accomplish this year.  You’ve identified the stuff that’s going to make you reach.  You’ve identified your Super-hero alter-ego.

But so many of you haven’t shared them with us!

This is BLOG people!  It’s designed to help.  It will help even more if you Engage, Think and Share!

C’mon.  It’s only as hard as you need it to be.  Share with us, for instance, some common obstacles that appear with consistency.  It will give me some material to work with for future entries.  It will help you, and it will help other readers.  We’re going to be going to a subscription model soon which will allow different levels of access.  This blog will continue as you see it now.  And there will be higher levels of access to information and feedback.

We’re going to grow to provide more and more, better and better information for you to use in your life. You can be a part of that by sharing your ideas, thoughts, concerns and fears.

So, please, start with some common obstacles that pop up for you, year after year.  We’ll chip away at them together!

Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,



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