Posted by: GPK | 19.January.2010

Determination! Persistence! Faith!

What do these words mean to you?

When people tell you “You can’t do that!” Does that discourage you or inspire you?  I know from my experience that it’s really, really easy to let someone else’s obnoxious put-downs hold you back.  You pull against it and pull against it but can’t seem to break free to chase your dreams.

I’ve learned, however, that when you turn around to see the chains holding you back – the words of discouragement from people you respect – you notice that there’s nothing there!  No chains, no ropes, nobody holding you back.  Those words that weigh you down aren’t even there!  We let the crappy attitudes of people we respect, admire and sometimes love seep into our own.  The longer we allow the negativity to settle, the stronger the chains become.

Imagine the strength of your dreams suddenly erupting in your legs and arms and back.  You stand up straight, lean into your forward motion like a Hercules forging toward your future!  Imagine your strength – inspired by the purity of your dreams – driving you forward.  As you push and you push, suddenly you feel the old chains, forged from the negativity of others, shatter under the strain.  The bonds that hold you to the limitations others have placed upon you fall away.  You are free.  You look back over your shoulders as the wind from your new freedom blows in your hair.  You see no chains, no ropes, no restraints.  You only see your encouragers, waiving you on, cheering you, wishing you well!

You look forward as you charge ahead.  You see the horizon.  You see your dream!   You see no chains, no obstacles, no boundaries!

Peace and gratitude,



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