Posted by: GPK | 21.January.2010

Will today be “one of THOSE days”?

There are days when you simply can’t seem to figure out how the universe works!

There are others still when you can’t believe there’s any rhyme or reason to it all!

And yet we revel in the idea of stringing together those days – no matter how far apart they may come sometimes – when the cosmic tumblers fall into place and the answers to the mysteries that haunt us seem crystal clear.

On those days we feel invincible – or at least in balance.  On those days we feel as though no matter what were to occur, we would have within us or within our grasp the resources to deal effectively with it.  On those days we feel privy to a secret key of some sort and all those with whom we come in contact and all that we touch and all that we lay our eyes upon is in harmony with our purpose, our mission, our desire!

Let today be one of those days!

Peace and gratitude,



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