Posted by: GPK | 25.January.2010

Denying loss denies opportunity!

We can’t control what happens to us all the time.  In fact, we rarely can.  We like to tell ourselves that we can so we don’t go crazy when we realize we can’t!  It’s just a part of who we’re wired to be.  We can train ourselves to let go of that need for control.  We can learn to choose how we see something and how we act in response to something.

We can always look at a loss and see the loss.  We can also look at the loss and see its lesson, its opportunity, its gift.  Audience members challenge me that I might be encouraging people to deny or pretend that they not feel certain feelings when encountered by a loss.  I say absolutely feel the loss.  Absolutely face it and feel the pain that it offers.  Absolutely allow what the experience has to teach you to happen.  And then choose to respond to it – not by crushing yourself into nothing and refusing to grow from it – but rather by leaping headlong into the experience it offers having faith that you will endure and actually become better from it.  Jump into it and strive to understand the pain and feel exactly how that pain has forged a new strength in you.

You can choose – with practice – how you see it and how you act in response to it.

Start today.

Peace and gratitude,



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