Posted by: GPK | 26.January.2010

How big was the Berlin Wall?

Obstacle?  Try to SEE it differently!

Sometimes a challenge looks really huge to us.  Like a wall when you’re standing right up next to it and looking up.  I remember standing next to the Berlin Wall (kids, ask your parents – it was this big piece of concrete that used to keep East German people away from West German people).  I remember thinking how scary and ominous it was.  And then I remember seeing the same wall from the train and thinking “That wall is only twenty feet high.  I’ve climbed trees and fences taller than that!”

If we step away and see the obstacle from a distance, it will always appear smaller.  If we look at the obstacle from a different angle, we may see the opportunities for getting around, over, or through it.

Remember, it was words not explosives that tore down the Berlin Wall.  What obstacles exist in your life now that might seem huge to you?  What challenges do you hear yourself saying you might need explosives for?  What if you found the right words instead?


Engage, think, share!

Peace and gratitude,



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