Posted by: GPK | 27.January.2010

What does “healing” mean to you?

We cannot always control every action that occurs around us.  We can always control our view of it and our emotional response to it. Sometimes our bodies – through a complex combination of psychology, physiology, chemistry and physics – respond in ways we don’t fully understand or control.

We can, however, influence that response.  Through mindfulness, we can exercise a measure of influence over that complex process.  The hows and whys of this influence are not always as observable as we’d like to see.  We don’t always know right away that a technique we’ve applied “is working”.  That’s where that pesky idea of faith comes in.

Faith is believing in something that our rational mind tells us might not exist…yet!  Faith is the recognition that our rational mind might not be able to see everything.  Scientific experiment after experiment has shown that believing something will happen has an empirically measurable effect on what happens.  It has been proven time and again that we CAN effect outcomes.  We can INFLUENCE our experience, our response, our bodies.  Experiments have proven that we can influence events outside our bodies as well!

Do you have an outcome that you would like to see made manifest in your experience?

Think about it.  Meditate on it.  Believe it could be so.  Believe it will be so.  Imagine that faith influencing responses.  Imagine a mysterious energy moving mountains to create that response in your life.

Faith is believing in something your rational mind tells you might not exist yet.  What do you believe in?

Peace and gratitude,



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